Nineteen Reasons why I love Rumana

19) Her weird obsession with dinosaurs.

18) How she can like the weirdest guys and still be clinically sane.

17) She loves the same TV shows I do

16) She likes the same food I do (Salmon. ‘Nuff said.)

15) She sends me pictures of cute dogs she sees in Singapore

14)  Laughing so hard together for what seems like hours (Like reading funny typos of my name 😛 )

13) Cos she let me name one of her birds. (Channing ❤ ❤ )

12) The fact that I can tell her anything and not be judged for it

11) Introducing me to Dubai’s best fries, which are ironically called New York Fries.

10 Her positive outlook on life, even those days when there seems to be nothing bright and shiny about it

9) I don’t need to pay for therapy cos she’s all the therapy I need.

8) How i can talk to her for 5 hours and still not get bored, even with my restlessness.

7) How she makes times for me, even when she’s not in the same country as I am

6) Her loyalty to her friends.

5) Of all the people in the world, I know she’s someone who could never get mad at me

4) Her faith in God

3) How she’s been through so much and yet she’s grown to become the beautiful young lady  she is today :’)

2) Cos she’s my person.

1) She’ll totally forgive me (and still love me) for being a day late in posting this! I hope.



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