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Top Ten Moments of Crazy Stupid Love!

Another chick flick that we’re crazy about and here are the top ten reasons why!

1. Ryan Gosling: Need we say more? This is pretty much self-explanatory.

2. Hannah’s Bestie: The two of them together remind us of us and Liz is just too funny!

3. My wife slept with David Lindhagen! He cuckolded me: One word…Hilarious!

4. The water heater moment: We love how she calls just to hear his voice and he

totally knows she ain’t even in the basement but keeps up the pretence. ❤

5. Stay away from my daughter fight: Seriously funny shit and you realise how all the characters are linked.

6. Ryan in slow motion, Chucking Sneakers and Shopping: First off Ryan in slow mo? Amazingly hot stuff ❤ Getting rid of em sneakers and shopping for Cal? Super duper funny!

7. Shot gun, Shady Internet site and Slapping: Love how Cal get’s revenge by slapping Jacob after indirectly giving him permission to date his daughter!

8. Asshole: This movie would be lost without this word and the “Asshole” scenes are too damn funny!

9. Falling out of the car: It’s funny how Cal sort of just slumps out of the car when he actually threatened to jump out.

10. Rejecting Ryan: We admire Hannah for turning down the super hot stranger!


crazy-stupid-love-poster_90845-1600x1200 Crazy-Stupid-Love-wallpaper-crazy-stupid-love-24753189-1024-768 All-Three-Fighting-in-Crazy-Stupid-Love.



Rumana and Khila 🙂



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