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How do you know you’ve found “The One”?

As misleading as the title may be this post is not about figuring out if you’ve found The One because as Khila would say “Neither one of us have any experience in that department”. Rather this post is about The One in general I guess, or just nonsensical rambling from my side. šŸ˜›

A while back I’d attended the wedding reception of a family friends and it was the cutest thing ever. The bride and groom were childhood sweethearts which it made it all the more adorable.Ā During the speeches something the groom said got me thinking about the whole The One concept. How does anyone know? When asked people say “I just knew”, fat lot of help that is. There are cases when just knowing ends up as sunshine and butterflies and other times when it doesn’t. So maybe The One is just something people made up to convince people to get married, but the romantic in me refuses to accept that explanation. As of this moment I can’t possibly write about how to know if anything is the real deal because as I’ve mentioned before I have no experience with regards to that. I do hope that if and when I’m on the receiving end of the question I have a better answer than “I just knew”. šŸ˜›

Back to the couple at the reception; I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I had mainly because I expected it to be similar to the wedding receptions held by my family. Now no offence to my family but all we ever do is sit around in groups and talk then have lunch and go on home. I’m not trying to say that we don’t have fun because we do but it’s a different kind of fun that comes fromĀ reminiscing with your family and joking around. In this case since I didn’t know anyone apart from the groom’s immediate family I wasn’t expecting to be entertained so much.Ā Ā IĀ couldn’tĀ have been more wrong. It was endearing to hear the speeches given by the couples parents about their kids. It was just adorable. Even more adorable was the best friend speech. It had me teary eyed and I don’t even know why because I barely know these people but hearing them talk about their best friends was very touching. Ā It kinda got me thinking about what I would want to talk about at Khila’s wedding before I realised there was plenty of time left for that. It was during the Bride and Grooms speech did I start thinking about The OneĀ as it was an integral part of their speech. I have to mention I found their speeches beyond cute.

Right now I have no idea where I’m going with this post or the point I’ve made so far, but that’s okay because not everything in life has to have a point.

Question to those who read this patiently without getting frustrated with it’s aimlessness: How do you know you’ve found the one?

Rumana šŸ™‚


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