Why I don’t want to live on this planet anymore..

Okay so by now I’m pretty sure all of you have heard about the Newton school shooting and the girl who was raped in Delhi. Two horrible, horrible incidents that occurred almost back to back. It makes you wonder just exactly what kind of world it is that we live in? Where such inhumane acts can take place and the only thing we end up doing is…..this. Writing about it on social media and staging protests, when it’s too damn late already. Me writing this post or you updating your status won’t bring back those children or make that young woman’s future any brighter. Yet we still do these things because how else can we express our utter and complete frustration with the world nowadays.

You watch the news, read the newspaper and mostly there isn’t a single thing that makes you go “I live in such a wonderful world”. You get all these depressing pieces about war and psycho individuals who obviously are not fit to be a part of normal society. It sickens me to know that I live on the same planet as these people who can commit such atrocious deeds and yet not be consumed with guilt. Is it really that hard for someone to control their urges? What makes them any different from animals then? Must we go back to the days when women rarely ever left the house because clearly it’s not safe for them to venture out. Parents can’t rest easy either sending their children to school to get an education is like sending them into the middle of a battlefield.

What has the world come to? It seems as though the more advances mankind makes, humanity seems to be moving in the opposite direction at a faster rate. Are we really willing to hear about more stories such as these on a day to day basis? I really wish that there was a simple solution to this problem but unfortunately I know there isn’t any but I can only hope and pray that the families of those little children find the strength to go on. I hope and pray that the young woman who’s future was unceremoniously taken away from her also finds the strength to go on and the men responsible for her current situation are given the punishment that they deserve. There are also so many other people out there that are suffering too and hopefully the world becomes a better place for all of us.



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