Travel Log: Penang Malaysia

Day 1

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved the airport. The multitude of people, the hustle and bustle and the atmosphere. Even going to the airport for pick up and drop off is something I find super exciting, given the chance I’d live there on a permanent basis. So on that particular morning even though I was woken up much too early for my liking I was somewhat pacified because we were going to the airport. After the usual process of checking in your baggage, clearing immigration and boarding the plane I was glad to be able to sit down and try to maybe squeeze in a nap. Unfortunately though it was way to bright for me to even try sleeping. The view after take-off was amazing though. I kinda felt like super woman flying through the clouds but if I thought it was bright when we were on the ground up in the sky was a hundred times brighter I had to resort to wearing my shades to continue looking at all the pretty clouds. Before I knew it the pilot was thanking us for flying with so and so airways and it was time to land. I looked at my dad and said, “We reached already?” O.o It was that short a flight which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the airport pick up guy took his own sweet time taking us to the hotel. In his defence though the hotel was on the other side of Penang Island from the airport.

I finally had the chance to rest my head for little while after which it was time for lunch. I envisioned steaming plates of seafood with plenty of garlic and chilli to appease my hunger but was disappointed to find the restaurant we went to lured by the ambience served only western food. On the bright side I found it very interesting that their dustbin was automated. We returned to the hotel and decided to check out the beach. Though it was pretty in it’s own way the water wasn’t as spectacular as it was in Kota Kinabalu. Upon my brothers insistence I tried my hand at jet skiing. I had my heart in my throat throughout the entire fifteen minutes. Later my brother joked that I could probably win a Guinness record for being the slowest jet skier ever. However since I can’t swim I’d rather be slow than dead thank you very much.

Several hours on the beach under the sun had my milk chocolate complexion turn the colour of dark chocolate. When you’re Desi you tan super easy it’s actually rather annoying. To round up our day my family and I decided to go for a foot reflexology session. I think there was a point where I couldn’t stop squirming because the pain was getting to be a tad bit unbearable. After though my feet felt like the were floating so I guess it was worth those moments of pain. Dinner made up for the lacklustre lunch though it left a considerable dent in our pocket. The sour chilli sauce that the lobster was bathed in was to die for! I can still taste it. The Thai style garoupa was amazing as well; my seafood craving was satisfied and was beyond what I expected.

Therefore I was more than satisfied with my holiday so far when it was time for bed but still had trouble sleeping but that’s because hotel rooms are way too quiet.

Day 2

We started our day by visiting the Penang Butterfly Farm, where hundreds of butterflies flew around our heads in this greenhouse like place. After which we saw other insects and other reptiles native to the region. The coolest being the giant glowing Malaysian scorpions. We then went to this chocolate boutique where we were given little pieces of different types of chocolate. The weirdest being curry and chilli chocolate. The curry chocolate felt like I had just had a spoonful of garam masala minus the powdery feel, the chilli was super spicy. It looked like chocolate. Felt like chocolate. Tasted like chilli. We then went to this coffee shop followed by a tea shop where again we were given little samples of different flavours of tea and coffee. As a coffee addict I found the Penang white coffee to be fantabulous. Next on our itinerary was the Botanical gardens, while there wasn’t much to see except a bunch of trees and bushes there was the cutest bunch of monkeys loitering around. They were so adorable I wanted to bring one back with me but I doubt the monkey would have appreciated my efforts.

Lunch was a typical Malaysian affair and tasted amazing despite it being a small road side stall situated near a very picturesque mosque. Feeling quite lazy after the sumptuous meal we headed to one of the local markets to do a spot of shopping. Again I was faced with the problem of being a tall girl in Asia.  None of the Malay dresses were long enough to fit me though I did manage to buy something that caught my fancy so cheers. As our final stop for the day we visited Fort Cornwallis built by Captain Sir Francis Light but just as I was getting into reading the history of the fort and Sir Light my parents dragged me out of there because they wanted to go back to the hotel. Luckily we managed to get back to the hotel just before it started raining and had to resort to play bowling on Wii to amuse ourselves. Watching my parents play pool after was entertainment at it’s best as neither one of them knew what they were doing. We then wasted time checking out the night market right outside the hotel where we happened to bump into a distant relative of my mom’s.

Day 3

As this was our last day we made it a point to visit Penang Hill the only highlight of that trip was the train ride up hill as there wasn’t much to see and we spent most of our allocated waiting in line for the tickets. We did visit the Owl museum though unfortunately there were no owl’s, just pictures of owl’s. Rather disappointed we headed back to the hotel just in time to check out and head for lunch after which it was time to bid Penang adieu. One of the things I really liked about Penang was all the Arab people. Like I’d walk past them get a whiff of their perfume and be reminded of home <3. I had tons of fun but at the same time I’m glad to be home again I mean nothing beats sleeping in your own bed after all.

Rumana 🙂


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