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Desi Romance

Desi romances can be the cutest thing everrr. “Love” marriages are still comparatively rare in most parts of India and the stories of how these couples meet and fall in love are so cute. These stories are simple, without any complications like we see in urbanised cultures were couples break up cos things are moving too fast or they have a phobia of commitment, (not that they are to be blamed, it can get really difficult to find and keep true love today).

Rumana was telling me her friend’s story in India who is “dating” her neighbor. Being from typical Desi households, they’re not allowed to courtship with the opposite gender. So these two talk to each other on the phone from each other’s houses, whilst she can see him from her terrace and he sees her from his balcony. That is so adorable it makes my heart melt. ^^ Like any other couple, they have their arguments and everything, but they love each other so it’s all-good.

Even Desi crushes can be a tad bit different to the mainstream* way of crushing. So the other day, Sadhu was explaining how these girls and her included, have had marriage crushes. So I asked her to explain this alien term to me, she said:
So after she explained this to me, I realised that I myself have had a marriage crush and so has Rumana. Funny how us Desis try and be realistic and crush on someone who our parents might approve of. It reminds me of my Psychology class last year were we learned that the Indian culture, is all about longevity as opposed to Western cultures which encourages change, thus being a hypothesis as to why Western societies have a higher divorce rate.

I have one more thing for you guys, it’s a video Sadhu showed me from a Tamil movie, but this song is remade in Telegu, or something, but I think it explains the cuteness of Desi romance in a nutshell, and the music is really nice too.   🙂

Desi couples fall in love and they’re determined to stay together, and they usually do, no matter how tough it gets, which makes them adorable.

Khila 😀

See someone who’s nice and cute and crush on them, I think?* 


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