Dear Yussi

Dear Yus,

I’ve known you for seven long years and it makes so happy, more than words could ever describe that we still remain such amazing friends despite moving on from high school to the next stage in our lives. You are truly an amazing person and the world would be a better place if there were more people like you. I love how you see life always looking on the brighter side of things. Though sometimes your naiveness irks me but only because I don’t want people taking advantage of you.

I have so many many wonderful memories of you that always make me smile whenever I recollect them. One of my most favourite being singing the “Bob the builder” theme song with you in random places no matter how embarrassing it was. Spending hours on the phone with you discussing the randomest shit despite having been in the same classes all day. I miss those phone conversations terribly. *hint: Get Skype! -.-*

I miss all those sociology lessons where we’d sit and discuss what we’ll be doing the future and colouring in textbooks. Staying back after school with Kavi for EM and talking about Snail! 😛 Whenever I think of all those amazing moments spent with you it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Not only have you been there for me during the fun and carefree moments but also when things weren’t so rosy.

I’m truly very happy for you as you embark on this new adventure and wish you all the very best and hope you stay happy always. I love you loads and miss you terribly! Always be a part of my life okay? Actually you better be or else!

Rumana 🙂

Hey Yus 🙂 

I honestly can’t remember the first time we met because we were probably around 8 years old (I’ve known you for more than 10 years!) and I think it was through our brothers, cos they were friends and we said hello to each other at those birthday parties which I’m sure you cannot recall because I must say, your memory isn’t always the best. Like not remembering the guy I crushed on. ^^ Nevertheless, what you lack in memory, you compensate with sweetness.

I think all of us would say that you’re one of the most innocent and kindest people we know. 🙂

I will never forget our days in English and Maths and Chem together and how I would always call your house phone and I would talk to your mum for like five minutes thinking it’s you and then go “oops, can I talk to Yus?” that was such a usual! And of course, seeing you, Rumana and Kavi run around school singing Bob the Builder and what not.

When I came to your house for your birthday the other day I realized you’re going to SL for uni in January and that made me super emo cos I’m gonna miss you so so much! But all the very best for a new beginning and I pray and hope (and secretly know) that we are going to be friends forever.

God lady! (How can I not add this to my letter to you?)

Love you Yus,



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