Abortion is not Contraception.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to offend anyone, this is just my opinion and ramblings.

“I notice that all of the people who support abortion are already born.” 
Ronald Reagan

No, I’m not a republican, neither is Rumana, politically speaking we both do like Obama and being pro-choice, politically. But, there’s more to aborting a baby than it being Freedom of Choice or a woman’s right, it’s about a life.

Abortion has become a method of contraception since people have  been “organizing” their sex lives on the assumption that abortion would always be legal and available, a study found that 86% of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience. Abortion should never be a method of birth control and should be reserved for emergency cases.

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” 
Mother Teresa

I think that if a pregnancy occurs through consensual sex, then abortion should never be an option. There are many reliable, proven methods of protection that should be implemented, prior to getting pregnant, not after. And well, if shit happens (I cannot think of a better way to phrase this), there are several other options, adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion. Nearly 1.5 million families in the U.S are willing and seeking to adopt a child. A feotus does not need to loose its life for its mother’s mistake.

I’m not going to make claims like abortion must be made illegal , there are certain circumstances where abortion is necessary. Whilst doing my research, I came across an article from 2009 about a nine year old girl who got a legal, life-saving abortion after being raped by her stepfather. The abortion sparked outrage across the conservative sect of the country with claims like “the abortion, the elimination of an innocent life, was more serious (than the rape)”.

When someone is raped, no one can empathize the emotional and psychological turmoil the victim goes through, or whether its more or less serious than the issue of abortion. I personally think its the rape victim’s right to choose. Research suggests  the emotional reality for many young women who are rape victims is how she sees the baby as a threat to her very life, which could further the psychological harm to the victim.

When a woman’s situation is life-threatening, then an abortion can be conducted, it then becomes a matter of woman’s rights. The unfortunate case of Savita Halappanavar, where her life was lost because of outdated anti-abortion laws was a sad and unnecessary loss. 😦

However, abortion for rape, incest, and the life of the mother amounts to less than 20 percent of all abortion cases which is few in the larger abortion regime. Making the real case clear that the other abortions that are done for other reasons.

My issue here is not abortion per se, but the holistic culture of death we live in. It’s that our society seem to no longer value life, even if its just an embryo.



One thought on “Abortion is not Contraception.

  1. I agree with what you say! I don’t like the idea of having an abortion just because I didn’t want a baby but if I was raped or there was a huge chance the baby was going to be born without a brain or a heart I think I would choose to have an abortion. Someone in my family recently had a baby and they were told something was going to be seriously wrong with her heart and she was going to be born with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. The extra digit is no problem because of surgery but the heart was a huge problem. The baby was born premature and was too weak for heart surgery and died after being alive for only about two weeks. Technology is getting better and better everyday to tell us these things. Thank you for writing about this topic! It’s a complicated and emotional thing to talk about.


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