Beauty Vs. Brains

I would like to dedicate this post to my psychology teacher who allowed me to discuss this in-depth during class time and gave me some very valuable points too.

Beauty or Brains? This question has probably been discussed many a times by all kinds of people. A lot of people even if they don’t outright admit it are dying to know the answer.

When you do ask someone this question the answer you would most likely receive would be “brains” as “beauty” would be considered too shallow an answer. However in most cases that’s rarely ever the truth. As much as we’d like to deny it beauty is and will probably remain the top priority for the majority. When it comes down to it the first thing you notice about someone is how attractive they are because their physical appearance is the first thing you see before any sort of introduction takes place. It takes time for anybody to gauge a persons intellect and you would more likely spend more time and pay more attention to someone you’re physically attracted to than to someone you’re not as attracted to. Someone wise once told me that he’d choose beauty over brains because it’d be less expensive to improve her intellect than to pay for plastic surgery. While I do hope he was kidding about the plastic surgery comment I applaud him for being honest in choosing beauty.

However that does not mean “brains” is of absolutely no importance. Another very interesting answer I received was beauty with a baseline intelligence. People don’t want to be saddled with someone with whom they cannot engage in a halfway intellectual conversation. Brains are necessary for a person to respect and admire you and both respect and admiration would be essential to any relationship.

My personal opinion on this matter is that beauty and brains need not be mutually exclusive after all beauty is subjective. Even brains for that matter may be subjective to a certain extent as most often it is our own intelligence that we compare other’s to, therefore what I may consider smart may not be what you think is smart. Which then renders this whole debate pointless but I doubt that’s going to stop further discussion of the matter.

P.S. A guy has to be good looking in my eyes before I can be bothered to see if he’s smart or not! 😛

Rumana (:


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