Chick flicks we’re crazy about!

Like every other teenage girl out there the two of us watch our fair share of chick flicks. So while brainstorming what our next post should be about we decided to compile a list of our all time favourite chick flicks and why we love them!

(The blue is Rumana’s commentary and the purple is Khila’s)

1. A Walk to Remember

This movie makes me cry like a baby no matter how many times I watch it. The storyline is just beautiful, be it the book version or the movie version. Usually whenever I watch movie adaptations I’m always left feeling unsatisfied some way or the other because I feel movies rarely ever give proper justice to the book, A walk to remember however is the only exception.

I don’t read Nicholas Sparks, in fact I did not think the movie was all that great, but Rumana lovesss it. So I thought yeah sure. The best part of the movie was how Jamie (the main character) had no resentment towards God, even though she was not well. And even though she has a fairly short life, I think it was a good one cos she got to do all the things on her bucket list. 🙂

2. The Proposal

The first time I watched this movie was on the in-flight entertainment system on Emirates. My mom had to nudge me and tell to me to shut the hell up because people kept giving us weird looks due to my incessant laughter. Ever since that particular flight this movie has always remained on my absolute favourite list because it’s just that awesome not to mention I also find Ryan Reynolds to be extremely good looking. 😉

The first time I watched this movie was with my Mom cos she loves Sandra Bullock. I thought the movie was awesome, and I’m sure most girls like this movie. Plus, the dog was so adorable, NOT Ryan Reynolds, I’m not the biggest fan of him.

3. Definitely Maybe

Khila recommended this movie to me and I totally loved it. For one it had Ryan Reynolds and his adorable nose (Yes, nose and No, I don’t care how creepy you think that makes me) as well as being an awesome feel good movie. I’m not exactly a hopeless romantic but the whole one true love thing this movie had going on did make me feel all gooey on the inside.

This movie was awesome. It taught me one important lesson, if the timing isn’t right, its not going to work out, even if the person is. And of course, there is the one true love aspect 🙂

4. He’s Just Not That Into You

Again this movie was recommended to me by Khila the summer before I left. This movie has a lot of great memories attached to it because of the many phone conversations Khila and I had discussing this movie. Plus she also says the character Gigi reminds her of me but I beg to differ. Maybe back then when I was young and foolish but definitely (hopefully) not now.

Yeahhh, this movie definitely has the Rumana memory to it! Whenever, I watch it and see Gigi, it totally reminds me of her. (She’s still quite foolish) ^^

5. When in Rome

This movie!! I absolutely freaking love it. It’s funny, romantic and even has little magic in it. It also has great eye candy in the form of Josh Duhamel. I know he’s married and all but you have to appreciate beauty when you see it. 😛

Josh Duhamel. Need I say more?

6. 27 Dresses

This was another movie I watched on the in-flight entertainment system. I love it because it shows that the right guy for you is not necessarily who you think it is. Also the relationship between the two lead characters and how they interact is extremely hilarious to watch. 

This movie was Rumana’s recommendation. I like the whole wedding aspect to the movie, and being bridesmaid is pretty cool. And I love how her life is so organised!

7. She’s The Man

This movie makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. I can never get tired of watching this movie and I doubt there’s a single person out there who’s watched it and doesn’t love it because it’s just that good! Also there’s plenty of Channing Tatum and loads of shirtless Channing Tatum, which in my opinion is always a plus point for any movie.

CHANNING TATUM. ♥ And the feminist approach the movie takes. Even though she is a girl, she can totally kick guys’ ass at soccer 😀

Rumana & Khila


3 thoughts on “Chick flicks we’re crazy about!

  1. I saw #2 and last flick you have listed…the ones in the middle i either stopped watching in during the middle or didnt like from the trailers..glad to see both you guys’ common interest!!! Proposal was so funny!!!! esp the dancing in the woods with the grandma lol
    oh that betty white!

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