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Arranged Marriage and Shopping…Not so dissimilar after all!

Earlier today Khila and I were in deep deep discussion as to what our next post should be about. There came a point during our conversation where we deviated and started discussing random nonsense. Slowly we arrived at the topic of arranged marriages when we came to the epic realisation that arranged marriages were in fact freakishly similar to shopping! :O

When shopping and looking for an alliance these are the three basic steps that are followed:

  1. You have one product (A dude/chick obviously).
  2. Several Brands (More than one potential spouse is considered).
  3. You choose the one you like best (The most compatible boy/girl is chosen).

Upon further consideration of the connection between arranged marriages and shopping we realised that neither one of us were big fans of shopping (They make my feet hurt). However looking for an alliance is pretty much like on-line shopping. Buy whatever you want from the comfort of your own home! Though there is always the added risk of not getting what you thought you ordered. That is why people the seven day exchange policy was invented. Unsatisfied with the product? Get your money back! In arranged marriages of course that would be the time period in between engagement and marriage or the getting to know each other phase and engagement. Again you cannot expect to be offered a money back guarantee for this.

So you see arranged marriages are in fact very similar to shopping!

Rumana 🙂


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