Why it’s Good to be a Tall girl

Since Rumana would be about 5’7″ and me at almost 5’8″, I think we both can qualify to talk about the perks of being a tall girl, especially according to desi standards. I remember during school, I would whine to Rumana about being tall and she compiled a list of reasons why it’s good to be tall, during physics. I wish we could have used this list here on this blog, but  since Rumana wasn’t paying attention during class, our physics teacher confiscated the list. 😦 However, I do recall some of the points which I could post,  and of course, since Rumana and I have seen more of the world from those days in school we have added some more benefits:

  • An elevated view: The number of times my height has come to my benefit in crowded areas is countless. Living in Dubai especially, when malls have special acts going on and the crowd gathers, my shorter friends ask me to take a look at what’s going on so I can debrief them on the awesomeness of the respective act. I could totally take advantage of this and say things like “You guys, they have a tiger in the act, which break dances!” and they would get jealous (hypothetically), therefore the height comes to my advantage, cos I get to see cooler things.
  • People look up to us, literally: This is a great advantage, if you think about it.
  • Some job prospects prefer taller women: The modeling industry wants tall girls. I’m not saying every tall girl should or want to become a model. But its a benefit if you’re into glamour and shizz. (Ditto for cabin crew)
  • The long legs ♥: Longer legs are more attractive per se, and of course we can get away with not wearing heels!
  • Clothes fit better: There is a definite reason why fashion models generally must be a certain height if they plan on strutting down the runway in couture classics. This is because clothes generally hang better on people who have longer frames.
  • Safety: According to research, tall women who walk with their heads high, their shoulders thrust back, and with a firm step are less likely to be attacked by criminals. (I guess thats a safety tip too)
  • Being a  tall desi girl can be a benefit when its time for an arranged marriage: Your parents are gonna spend more time looking for the perfect guy, (cos its quite hard to find a tall desi boy). Therefore, you don’t have to get married as early as your parents would want you to, which means more freedom. And of course, we would think taller guys are more attractive, so its a win-win situation 😀

It wasn’t always a pleasant experience to be a tall girl, as there were times when I didn’t feel quite as “girly” as my feminine cohorts. But over time, I have realized that there are virtually tons of benefits to being a tall person. So I hope this post does not offend the vertically challenged counterparts, cos you guys get tons of benefits too!

This was written to remind all those tall girls who aren’t the biggest fans of their height (like me) that it can actually be pretty awesome. So stand tall and be proud. 🙂



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