Since I’ll be loosing my phone, and this post was kinda dedicated to me ^^

Hello Sunshine

I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally made the transition from Blackberry to iPhone.

For months, I’ve been wanting to get rid of it but the only thing stopping me was BBM. Throwing away my Blackberry felt like throwing away my friends. I just couldn’t imagine it. How do you throw away your friends like that?

It’s hard.

Isn’t it odd, the feelings you get for a phone?
It’s like your baby.

You know you have strong feelings for your phone when:
1) You obviously love it.
2) You’re obsessed by it and never let it leave your sight.
3) You get mini heart-attacks when you drop it.
4) You feel like crying when it starts getting scratches or even worse, it has cracks on the screen.
5) You want a new phone but giving this one up is like giving up your life. It’s like a piece of you is…

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