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Deal Breakers

A deal breaker is ‘the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the individual may possess. So we have decided to write a post on what we think would be deal breakers for our future boyfriends/fiancé/husbands. 😀


                   “If you have more than five deal breakers, you are the deal breaker.” – Dan Savage

Um, I think I’m gonna stick to five. Here’s mine:

  1. If he’s not an animal lover, he ain’t gonna be my lover: Wow, I cannot believe I just typed that and didn’t backspace it. Oh well, I can always face palm about this later. Either way, its true. If he doesn’t like animals, how will we be together? I intend on having cats and dogs as pets some day. This deal breaker is how I got over my first crush; he didn’t like animals, but he’s a great guy and stuff so we’re good friends anyway.
  2. If he’s mean and rude: I like nice guys, thank you very much.
  3. If my parents and bro and cat don’t approve: Remember, your family knows what’s best for you!
  4. If he’s never in t-shirts and jeans: I like guys who can pull off the t-shirt and jeans look. I don’t know why. I also like guys in suits, but then again, every girl does.
  5. If he’s not taller than me: I’m tall, so its only fair. I’m not being mean. I don’t want the poor guy to feel intimidated or something.

Yayayay! My turn! 😀

I should probably stick to five too! So here goes:

1) If he’s not Indian and of the same religion as me: If he doesn’t fit into this category it’s highly unlikely that he’d be getting the seal of approval from my parents so that’s a no go.
2)If he’s younger than me: Guys mature later than girls (I think that’s a scientific fact though I’m not 100% sure so don’t hold it against me!) therefore I need an older and more mature guy!
3)If he’s a smoker: I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes! It makes me all nauseous and I actually hold my breath when walking past smokers on the street so how can I be with a guy who smokes? I’d probably kill myself by holding my breath for too long!
4) If he’s shorter than me: I’m tall for a girl and if he’s shorter than me it’s gonna be all awkward!
5) If he’s a disrespectful ass: I’m pretty sure this is self explanatory no one likes rude people.


Rumana & Khila 😀


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