Temperance “Bones” Brennan

Bones. We’re pretty sure by now everyone already knows how much we love that show! It’s mentioned in like every other post. 😛 Therefore we decided to write this post about Temperance Brennan who is after all the main character and sorta the shows namesake. So here’s what we think about Temperance “Bones” Brennan a.k.a Tempie.


Temperance “Bones” Brennan is awesome. She’s smart, pretty, has a good career and is extremely wealthy. To top it all of her boyfriend is smoking hot. Tempie is someone who all women want to be, I mean who doesn’t want to be all of the above and date a gorgeous guy with an amazing personality like Booth? However is she really perfect? No. Her family life after the age of fifteen…sucked big time. She is so rational sometimes I wonder if she’s actually human. Human emotions are alien territory to her that’s probably why she gave Booth such a hard time in the beginning. Why couldn’t she see that Booth was perfect for her? Though her character might not be the most realistic in the show it’s still one of my favourite (TBH I love all the characters in that show! :P) I find her behaviour to be extremely hilarious at times and at others mighty frustrating. Most of the time I find myself trying to justify her whacky reasoning because I can’t bear the thought of not liking her! 😛 Bones despite her many flaws is still awesome in my opinion and she’s an amazing mom and has the cutest little girl ever! (I’m so jealous of the Booth/Brennan family!). Basically what I’m trying to say is I love her character so much it’s borderline creepy!


Khilaaa I love you 😉

^So the plan basically was that Rumana writes a paragraph  from Sg, save it as a draft and she left that message for me! (someone’s been following my long distance friendship tips very well^^ )

Kay my turn!

Since Rumana has done a wonderful job with a character description of Dr. Brennan, I’ll be sticking to this meme, which I think is a good way to describe Dr. Brennan, i.e., smart, rational, lack of awareness of popular culture (there was this one episode where she addressed Selena Gomez as “Dr. Gomez” thinking that Selena Gomez, of all people is a PHD. Holder).

To be honest, Dr. Brennan, in my opinion (which is completely different to Rumana’s in this case), is not-that-awesome, but I shall start with what I like about her to not seem whiny and/or negative:

  • She’s ambitious: Career wise; she could be a role model. She’s good at what she does and she has a genuine interest for her field of work. I think teenagers could look up to her in that sense.
  • Her rationality: Brennan uses her rationality as a defence mechanism to avoid getting hurt. This is an excellent method to use when it comes to matters of the heart; by taking a pragmatic approach to problems, we can find a reason in the absence of reason and realise it probably wasn’t worth it anyway. Therefore, us “normal” people should rationalise on matters too, but nowhere as much as Brennan does, because that’s extremely annoying and not realistic.

Even though her rationality is pretty cool, I (like Rumana) can get frustrated with her hyper rationality, as I mentioned before. She’s also quite full of herself ; often seen on the show calling  herself attractive/beautiful/best in her field of work blah, blah. She may be the things she gives herself credit for, but I think modesty is a quality which everyone should have, so her (somewhatboastful attitude, makes her my least favourite character on the show, which is weird since she is the female protagonist. I guess that makes me borderline creepy like Rumana, but for the opposite reason. However, every other character on this show is awesome, so that should justify my love for Bones, the show!

Rumana & Khila 🙂


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