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How to maintain a long distance friendship.

I will never forget the summer Rumana left. She would come over everyday or so and we would laugh and talk about the randomest things. Even if there were days she wouldn’t come over, we would talk over the phone throughout the day till our moms would finally make us hang up. I wonder what our phone bills were like when she was in Dubai, cos we would  also have long conversations with some of our other friends as well, especially  Sadhana-&-I and Rumana-&-Yusra. ^^

Rumana’s last phone call from the airport wasn’t extremely emo or disappointing, in fact it was quite the opposite. We assured each other that we were probably gonna meet up soon anyway, but we would miss each other nevertheless. Even if she was probably upset about moving away she made sure that our last phone call, in Dubai ended on a happy note. After hanging up, I went downstairs and my parents looked at me EXACTLY like this:

Dad: Beta, are you okay? Did you cry?!
Me: HUH? Why would I cry, NOTHING’S gonna change!

 And my parents glanced at each other with this poor-thing-she-doesn’t-know-that’s-highly-unlikely look. But even if they were skeptical I knew things wouldn’t change.

Its been two years and we’ve only gotten closer. 
احمدوا ربنا

So the whole point of that  really long flashback was to prove that I’m quite a reliable source when it comes to maintaining a long distance friendship, I think I’ve proven my point. After doing some research on Google , I’ve compiled some ways, which I’ve found to be effective in maintaining a Long Distance Friendship:

  •  Stay loyal and committed: Both of you, (or all of you, like my group of friends) are gonna have to put in the effort to stay connected. Rumana’s a pro at this.
  • Watch the same movies and TV shows: Best piece of advice. Ever. Bones, Definitely Maybe, Dear John and all the other countless things we’ve watched, and then spending 2 hours, or more on Skype talking about how hot that one guy is and so on. Gives you so much to talk about.
  • Keep each other updated: Use Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and all the other wonderful forms of networking to tell each other what’s going in your lives and have as many Deep Meaningful Conversations (DMC’s) as possible.
  • Get to know their friends: Your friend is bound to make new friends when they move away, these people surround your friend’s life. If you know the new friends, you will stay closer. Rumana knows all of my friends names, and I’m pretty sure I know hers too (and her teachers). We’re even friends with each other’s new friends, if that makes sense. Basically, she’s spoken to a couple of my friends online and I’ve spoken to hers too.
  •  Plan a trip: This gives you something to look forward to, and you get to catch up face to face! Rumana and I have two trips pending and the planning itself is so exciting, so the trips should be awesome!
  • Share a blog: Like us!
  • Be there for each other during the bad times: When you experience something bad – tell your friend. That’s what friends are for. Don’t think that just because it’s a long distance friendship, you can only share the good stuff. Great friends are there for the good AND the bad. Rumana’s listened to me whine about my life, way too many times, and she gives awesome advice. I’ve listened to her whine too, so I guess we’re even. I whine more, unfortunately.
  • Tell them you love them! Rumana and I always say “I love you” when we’re hanging up on Skype or whatsapp-ing. It never fails to make me smile. ♥

Always remember that true friendship can withstand anything and grow, even over the longest distance.



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