Kuthu Songs

Firstly about the title I’m not sure what this genre of songs are called in other South Indian languages but we Tamil people call it kuthu (ku-thu) songs.

Now I wasn’t really sure when Khila asked me to write about this but then I was all why not? They’re super fun!
Before I babble any further let me tell you what kuthu songs are exactly!
They’re really upbeat, fast moving and peppy songs.

I remember once while talking to my South Indian buddy Sashi we were all like kuthu songs are so South Indian and how if you’re South Indian you can’t help but liking them.
Now even the Bollywood industry is making them really popular by remaking South Indian kuthu songs. Such as the song Dinka Chika from that Salman Khan movie which is remake of a Telugu song Ringa Ringa and the song from the movie Rowdy Rathore chin ta ta is also a remake of a Telugu song. Which makes me realise these Telugu people are amazing at making kuthu songs 😛

Here are a few songs that I really like 😀 They’re Tamil cuz I am 😛

This song is my current Fave 😀

Check these out too!

Hope you all enjoy this post!
Rumana (:


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