Disney ♡

My first post without a discussion with Rumana, she’s been really busy with schoolwork, so I guess I’m on my own.

I’ve been quite idle, sorting out uni stuff and driving around Dubai and getting “kind reminders” from Chelsea to write a new post. So after thinking about what to write for ages, I decided to talk about my love for Disney and animated movies in general (ironically, the idea came to me since Chels watched “Brave” today). Anyway, I LOVE animated movies, maybe because I grew up with them… and also because they have been the perfect antidote for inflight boredom.

I recall this one incident when I was en route to Sao Paulo, Brazil. During the 15 hour flight all I did was watch animated movies, so when I was watching Tangled for the second time, Stephanie, the flight attendant comes up to me and she goes “Haha that’s the second time right? Aren’t you like, sixteen or something?” and I retorted saying “Um, seventeen actually”.

That was quite embarrassing. Not that I really care to be honest.

Anyway, my favourite Disney movie would undoubtedly have to be The Lion King.  I guess I should note that some of my closest friends can actually sing The Circle of Life, even the Swahili bits, sometimes I wonder if thats the reason they’re my friends (okay, not really but its still pretty cool).

Here’s one of my favourite scenes from the movie:

Rafiki is so wise, I’ve had a difficult couple of months and his words of wisdom to Simba just put me on mild enlightenment mode. You can either run from the past… or you learn from it. THAT WAS SO CHEESY, BUT ITS TRUE.

Here are some other really cool words of wisdom, from Disney (I know its quite long, but this image had to be shown)

The last one from the Toy Story reminds me of Rumana and I because (as mentioned so many times before), we are so different, but we ended up becoming best friends.

So yes, thank you Disney 🙂



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