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Bones would have to be the best TV show ever in the history of television or pretty close to it anyway. This show is amazing in every way. It deals with forensic anthropology and how it helps solve crime predominantly, however it is character based too unlike many other crime shows.

Forensic anthropology is not something you come across often in daily life and is an extremely interesting field, Bones allows its audience to gain many tid bits of information from forensic anthropology and many other scientific areas.

Bones is not only informative it’s highly entertaining. All the characters are well developed and lovable each in their own way. There is plenty of eye-candy for both girls and boys. You can’t help but fall in love with Booth and be mildly frustrated with Bones pretty much all the time.

What Khila and I love about the show is basically everything! However, she has a lower tolerance for Bones’s whacky reasoning and behaviour than I do. I’m pretty sure we’re both head over heels for Booth, and are currently looking for our very own Special Agent Seeley Booth. Khila thinks Dr. Lance Sweets is the most adorable thing ever whereas I can’t get over how cute Michael Hodgins is. My favourite intern would have to be Wendell or Blondie as I like to call him, though Khila seems to lean more towards Daisy because she’s just too cute; her and Sweets both are.

Cam is like the coolest boss ever! Angela and Hodgins took a mighty long time to finally get hitched when it was crystal clear they were meant to be from the very beginning. Sweets and Daisy are so freaking cute together, it’s not fair cuz they’re making the rest of us all jealous. Bones and Booth are like the most mismatched couple ever, it doesn’t stop them from being awesome together though. Hank Booth is the chillest grandpa around! Age is just a number to him. All these fictional characters make me wish they were real! That’s how awesome they are!

There is so much more I could write about Bones and what we think of it, but I’m gonna stop for now and save some for later cuz I think I’ve written quite a lot already.

Rumana  (:


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