“I like you”

When Rumana and I were almost done with our IGCSE’s, she had a crush on this guy, let’s call him Zayn for confidentiality reasons. Since I was jobless after my exams were over, I created some short hypothetical love stories between Zayn and Rumana and had some of our friends in them too. So I decided to post one called I like you, here on our blog 🙂

“I like you”
Starring: KaviAta (check out her blog here), Rumana, Farzana and Zayn

It’s the 11th of June, 2010, the last exams’ just over and Rumana has finally decided finally to tell Zayn how she feels about him. Rumana’s heart races as she walks towards Zayn, who was waiting for his car. “Hey” Rumana softly says. “Uhh, hi” Zayn says. “Well listen, I’m gonna do this quick, I like you Zayn, a lot” Rumana blabbers. Zayn’s extremely embarrassed, looking choked he says “That’s nice Rumana, but I like Kavita, I think I’m in love with her, I was over the moon when she added me on Facebook yesterday” he says with a smile.

Oh” Rumana says, clearly embarrassed. “Then go tell her, right now” she says quickly. They walk towards Kavita, who is busy making fun of how short Farzana is. Kavita turns around to see Rumana and Zayn, she’s obviously extremely confused (as always). Soon Zayn says, “Kavita, I need to talk to you” (Kavita is more confused at this point)

Kavita, I’m in love with you” Zayn says shyly.

WHAT?!” Kavita yells out (this looks like the scene from f.r.i.e.n.d.s were Ross screams “You stole my sandwich?”  And they show birds flying and stuff)

Kavita in extreme anger runs away screaming.


Khila 🙂 


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