I remember back in the day, I would see her running around school hugging random pillars and I would think to myself “how do I manage to be close to someone as crazy as her!” But almost always the little rhetorical question in my head would answer itself, when I see our friends laugh at her and she would join them and laugh at herself. Her “I love myself for who I am” outlook is definitely what makes her so unique and wonderful. Not giving a care of what everyone else thinks about her and not afraid to show the world who she is.

Rumana is also quite well known for her obsessions, the most recent one would be the TV show, Bones (ditto). I’m sure the blog is going to have a few posts about our love for the show. However, her obsession with Zayn Malik form One Direction is something I will never understand because the whole group looks like a bunch of 10 year olds to me. But I guess that’s what’s awesome about our friendship, the fact that we can be polar opposites and have things in common at the same time.

Even though she’s more than 11,000 kilometers away, she happens to be one my best friends. Not once has either of us let the distance come between us, nor have I ever felt her vaguely drift apart from me. She’s never given up on our friendship; always been there for me through thick and thin. Her loyalty towards my friends and I, here in Dubai, is something I will always admire and I’m deeply grateful for that.

So Rumana, since you will be reading this, I just wanted to say thank you for not letting us split by distance or time and all the other challenges that comes along with it. There are so many other things I want to thank you for, but that will come along as this blog unravels itself. ^^

Khila 😀


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