How I Met My Best Friend

I remember the first time I saw my best friend even if she doesn’t. I asked her directions to the French classroom. She has no memory of the incident whatsoever. We met officially a year later through another one of our good friends, but what got us talking was a boy. She hated him whereas I had a crush on him. Not a promising start for a friendship though that didn’t stop us. Not at all. It’s been five years since and during that time we’ve become as close as sisters. She’s like my personal shrink and I hers. There is no event in either one of our lives that the other is unaware of. All this despite not living in the same country any more. In fact the distance has brought us closer than before.

Sure so far we sound like every other pair of best friends out there but I assure you ordinary we are not, at least I like to believe so. We talk about the randomest shit, most of which make no sense and sometime in between we start having these deep meaningful conversations a phrase coined by none other than the bestie herself.   At times I feel like we’re twins and others I wonder how we manage to be friends with such contrasting personalities. Then I realise it doesn’t matter not when we understand each other perfectly.

Now we want to share a little of our lives, some of the crazy and some of the sane so we created this joint blog.


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